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Rediscovery International Foundation's newest book: "River of Mist, Journey of Dreams" by Thom Henley, tells the captivating story of the legendary Skeena River (the Ksan or "River of MIst"), and an epic canoe journey down the river in 2003. Part I of the book "River of Mist" documents the Skeena's geological formation, its wealth of wildlife and the Native Nations that have have always known it as home. In Part II "Journey of Dreams", the author relates the compelling story of the first Rediscovery International Canoe Quest - "Retracing the Ancestral Highway", a week-long paddle down the Skeena from Kispiox to Prince Rupert. The impact Rediscovery has had in the lives of many of the young paddlers are poignantly told in in the youths own words. Price: $34.95

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”The Rediscovery program began on the Queen Charlotte Islands on Canada’s west coast, as an effort to help reconnect native youth with their culture, emphasizing their culture’s ancient connections to the natural world. Part history of the program, part philosophy of integrating ancient cultural traditions with the modern world, and part activity guide, this is a phenomenal resource for anyone looking for a successful model for working with kids in nature. The Rediscovery model for camps and programs has reached all over the world—from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to the South Pacific, indigenous and modern kids are getting together to explore ancient traditions and build a modern life that “re-discovers” a natural harmony and balance with the world." 1. Books;
  • “Rediscovery: Ancient Pathways, New Directions”            Cost $24   S&H $10
  • “Health and Camp Safety Standards”                                 Cost $10   S&H $5
  • ”River of Mist, Journey of Dreams” – An insightful look at the natural history of the Skeena River basin and a retelling of the first Canoe expedition by youth to retrace the Highway of their Ancestors.
  • This is a new book that is just getting published. Please check out our price list for this item at a later date.
2. CD: Manual on How To Start a Camp                                     Free          S&H $5 3. Video: (i) Haida Gwaii 25th Anniversary (ii) Camp First Aid & Safety.      Cost$15  S&H $10 4. Wilderness First Aid kangaroo pouch                                     Cost$40    S&H   $5 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ October 2016 update: Unfortunately at this time, our resources are out of stock but we are happy to arrange to help find what you are looking for! has copies of the "Rediscovery: Ancient Pathways, New Directions." -If you are lucky enough to be visiting the Hazelton's, be sure to drop in at 'Ksan Historical Village and Museum.  They have copies of the "River of Mist, Journey of Dreams" -For communities interested in the starting up a camp resources, please email Deanna at
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